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What Our Customers Say

I have not been more satisfied…

“My name is Andy Gaerte and I am the screen printer for ABC Embroidery Inc. We own an ANTEC Legend, 6 color, 6 station manual screen print press. I have not been more satisfied with a piece of equipment than I am with this press. The registration and micro adjustments set this press apart from any other in the industry. I have worked with several other presses and can say without a doubt that this is the best I have used. If you are considering a new press rest assured that this press is worth the price.”

Andy Gaerte
ABC Embroidery Inc.

Thrilled with the Legend presses we purchased recently…

“I thought I’d drop you a few lines on how thrilled we are with the two new Legend presses we purchased recently.

Set-up time has been reduced due to the precision workmanship you’ve engineered into these machines. One registration is set, you need not worry about it until break-down. You know the number we put out here at the GemGroup.

Impressions Magazine, June issue, recently had us ranked #10 in the country for units produced. By adding these two 6 color Legends, that brings us up to eleven ANTEC presses at the GemGroup Inc. I can assure you we’ll be adding more in the near future.

Thanks for all your help and technical support.”

Bill Liacos

I can’t thank you enough for this press…

“I wanted to drop you a few lines to let you know how thrilled we are with the new Legend press we purchased. I can’t thank you enough for this press, it delivered above and beyond all expectations we had. The setup is truly phenomenal, I can’t believe how easy and fast we can have a job up and running. The accuracy of the micro registration is something I have not seen in any other press I have used. I can’t tell you how much time we have saved in setup and run time with this press, it practically pays for itself the more we use it. I have never bought a piece of equipment that delivered up to and beyond it’s advertised capabilities like the legend press. My only regret is that I didn’t purchase one sooner. When other printers ask what printing press we own I am proud to tell them I own the best screen printing press on the market, a Antec Legend.”

Roby Dickerson
2nd Chance Tees

It has seriously changed the way we print…

“I can’t speak for other owners, but it has seriously changed the way we print. It’s an amazing machine. You set it up, and print, that’s it. It’s light, it’s fast, and the registration never fails…ever…rhe only thing is it’s really ugly. Hands down the best press we have ever worked on.

All-heads down is by far my favorite part of my Antec. Being able to knock out 6 color sim process jobs with two people instead of one cuts your time by more than half…..I’ve worked on tons of presses, and I will never own anything other than an Antec.

Note from Antec: In engineering, form follows function. We believe it to be the most beautiful in the industry. This being said, our focus is not on esthetics but rather on maximizing precision and profitability for our customers.”

I can’t tell you how pleased we are with our new machine…

I can’t tell you how pleased we are with our new machine. The ads and sales pitches don’t do it justice. The ease of registration far surpasses anything I could imagine. Our first job was a 10 color. We left it up on the machine for a week and printed shirts at our leisure. The registration was just as tight on the last as it was on the first.”

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Our production has increased incredibly…

“In a nutshell, when we get around to needing another manual press I will not hesitate to order another Legend series press. The registration is incredible and it holds even through long runs. It is rock solid in every aspect and is great because of its true all heads down capability which we put to the test in the order described above. We appreciate the engineering that was put into this machine more every time we print a job. We went from mediocre printing to incredible full color reproductions and print rates once we fully understood what we could accomplish with the legend. Thank you for an incredible press. We wouldn’t be where we are today without the technology we are now using. Just don’t tell anyone else about your products….It might increase my competition!”

Brian Walker
CD Tees

Best decision I ever made…

“Best decision I ever made. Bought first Antec 8/8, after six months another 8/8, easy to reg, we print in all heads down mode all the time, registration I do not even think about it, on this machine you will have only to print.”

I would like to speak to all those printers out there…

“I would like to speak to all those printers out there who are looking to upgrade to a better machine.In 1989 I was doing the same. I had a 4/4 Hopkins printer at the time, but it didn’t have micro-registration or all arms down. I also wanted a 6 color printer. I went to an Impressions show to check out all my options. I received an awesome demonstration on the ease of set up on the Antec 6/6 Legend. No tools to micro-reg!!! The manufacturing and quality is still standing up today. The Legend carried me through some big jobs very well and it keeps the registration. I use retention-able screen for my critical work. I will tell you that I have worn out some knobs and I have had to tighten up some bolts, but what do you expect after 25 years. The guys at Antec know how to make a great American product.

Ron Gravitt
Screen Graphic Impressions

We were amazed at the time we have saved…

“After buying a 6 color Legend printer, we were amazed at the time we have saved setting jobs up. Designs that took us 30 to 45 minutes now take 15. The registration is superb. Once a design is registered it stays registered. We couldn’t be more pleased.”

Marilyn Everitt
Artistic Images