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Antec One Screen Printer

Antec One Screen Printer

Antec One Screen Printing Press

Proven most precise. Proven most profitable.

The Antec One is Antec’s newest product that has been developed to be one of the most precise, reliable, durable, and affordable manual screen printing machines on the market today. Guaranteed for life and Made in the USA, the Antec One is built with Patented technology for more precision and profitability than comparable machines.

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Here are just a few of the reasons our customers invest in the Antec One Screen Printer:

Patented, non-linked, spring loaded micro screen adjust system – provides exceptionally rapid pre-production set up times

Effortless rotational characteristics – provides the greatest efficiency possible in actual printing production

Dual off contact adjustment – provides precise parallel off contact for image clarity

Durability – many of our screen printing machines have been in continuous service for over 36 years, and some see 24 hour/day utilization.

Resale – The Antec Screen Printer machines maintain the highest resale value industry wide

When we developed the Legend One screen printer, we also incorporated  our patented, industry best, independent axis micro system with zero lash which greatly reduces set up time.

Focused, business smart companies around the globe understand and take full advantage of the Antec One’s technical superiority and unequaled efficiency in the production environment to give them the necessary edge in a highly competitive industry.

Russell Athletic, Gemline, RK Stratman, Nike, Fruit Of The Loom, The Game, Fortune Fashions and Delta Apparel are just a few of our thousands of converts who have taken the time to do the essential research on our unique product offering’s and have consequently reaped the rewards.

One of our top customers recently ordered their 48th Antec Press!

We have been told that they conservatively save $20 each time they set up one of our machines for production.

As they operate 24 hours a day, five days per week, and will do 10 set ups daily on each unit, their savings in set up time alone is roughly $200/day/unit.

As you continue the math for 50 weeks, it becomes obvious what the attraction is to our product.

Precision … Efficiency … Durability – all purposefully engineered into every Antec screen printing machine we build.

Expect the very best and then watch us deliver. You have our guarantee.

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“I am enjoying my Antec One more than I anticipated. The workmanship is Grade-A and the micro registration is amazing. I’m also noticing that there are very few parts that would need to be replaced frequently like some other presses that I have seen. I have not had any registration issues since that Antec One. I do enjoy the bar that holds the screen down much better then what i was previously using because its just easier and much more efficient. Set ups have been twice as fast an the quality of the print has increased quite a bit. I cannot think of one bad think to say about this press so that’s always a plus. My favorite part about the press has the be the registration controls. The technology is very impressive and I’m still overwhelmed with the infinite possibilities ahead.”

Cheryl ~ CTW Printing Concepts


“Love my Antec One, it’s built well, registration is on point, and it’s a press I can grow with. The Antec One is perfect for my small screen printing business, it allows me to print high quality swag to compete with the bigger shops out there. Definitely worth the purchase.”


Ashlee Beggs

Extra Salty Swags

Mountainview, Califronia