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Dynamic Screen Printer Series

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Thousands of Dynamics have been sold world wide!

Fast and Affordable Screen Printing Machine…

Whether you are just getting started in the T shirt printing business or wish to add to, or replace, your existing screen printing equipment, Antec’s entry level Dynamic printers offer ease-of-use, dependability, and precision at affordable prices!Purchase

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Since 1981, the Dynamic Series has provided an ideal entry point into the profitable and exciting screen printing business. If you’re looking for easy-to-use, manual, multicolor screen printing equipment that outputs accurate and reliable printing on t-shirts, jackets, caps, sleeves, legs, shorts, pockets and bumper stickers, all at an affordable price, meet the Dynamic Series!

A Unique Opportunity

Dynamic Rotary Platen Screen Printing Machines provide a unique opportunity to invest in quality products with all the features needed for today’s versatile screen printing shop.

The key to Dynamic’s success? Affordability without compromise. From established screen printing shops, to school hobby classes, to start-up businesses, the Dynamic Series offers versatility at a very reasonable price.

Printing With Speed And Precision

Screen printing is a profitable and fun business, which is why the market is competitive. Customers will return again and again to a print shop that can consistently handle all their screen printing jobs with speed and precision: multi-color t shirt printing, nylon jackets, bumper stickers… Antec Dynamic Screen Printing Machines can do it all.

Dynamic is available in 2 and 4 platen rotary load in both four color and six color. Sustaining high volume production is a snap because the print stations and screens both rotate! When speed and accuracy are essential the Dynamic Rotary Load Series answers the call!

Rotary Load Increases Production

Dynamic rotary load screen printers increase profits by increasing production without diminishing print quality. How? Team work… Let’s see how Paul the printer and Larry the loader work together. As soon as Paul prints a garment, Larry spins the platen to the next position. As Paul prints the next garment, Larry unloads the finished product and loads a blank garment. Paul never needs to touch a garment! Rotary load production dwarfs fixed-print-station production and the output increases dramatically with multicolor work.

Bright, Crisp Prints On Darks

Multi-color nylon jackets can be a challenge, but not when you combine the Dynamic rotary load printer with Flash drying! Incorporating a stage flash dryer between prints improves detail and print clarity, especially on dark backgrounds with light or bright inks. This technique also reduces ink buildup (release) on the underside of your screens on successive colors. Using the Dynamic jacket holdown with a flash dryer between colors makes easy work of multicolor screenprinting on nylon jackets, bumper stickers, etc.

Expand as your Business Grows!

Already own a single or dual Dynamic fixed-print-station model? All fixed-station models are upgradable to your choice of 2-platen or 4-platen rotary. If you want screen printing equipment that grows with your business, Dynamic is the answer. Another advantage of buying a Dynamic screen printer!

Fixed Print Station Screen Printing Machines

Single Color to Six Color

The Dynamic Fixed Print Station Series is a proven product is today’s fast paced market.

Owners enjoy its reliable registration, simple operation and sturdy construction. Multi-color printing made easy at last! With a variety of fixed-print-station models to choose from, Antec’s Dynamic Series offers one of the largest selections within the industry today. Price is a major concern? Dynamic’s 4-color, single-station-bench mount is what you’re looking for. Need fast set up? Order your fixed-station with Dynamic’s exclusive MicrolokTM Registration. Dynamic fixed-print-station models are available in up to 6 colors, one or two print stations, with legs or as a bench mount.

Upgrading from fixed station to rotary platen is simple! Select either the 2 or 4 platen rotary conversion kit and you’re ready for increased productivity and versatility. We know flexibility and scalability are important to you. That’s why Dynamic offers both. Get exactly what you want at a price you can live with.

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Six-Color Screenprinting Capability…

The Dynamic 6-color models allow you to expand your shop’s capabilities. Set up three 2-color jobs for continuous production, lay down a white base on dark garments or do those 6 color jobs you’ve been turning away! Think of the growth possibilities! As with all Dynamic printers, our full range of practical, price-conscious accessories allow you to quickly and easily switch from tee shirts, to caps, to jackets and back! Investing in Dynamic screen printing equipment will keep your customers coming back to you for all their screen printing needs.

Dynamic Microlok Registration

All Dynamic screen printing machines are available with Microlok registration. Microlok provides precision and dependability, enabling you to compete affordably and effectively with much larger print shops. Three adjuster barrels allow you to position your screens in perfect registration after the screen is clamped. Side to side, in and out, rotation… all are easy, fast adjustments. Once positioned, just secure the Microlok knobs to prevent the screen from any further movement. Precision printing made easy!

Accurate Registration

As seen on other brands at twice the price, Dynamic’s precision steel arms index between two large nylon bolts yielding consistent and accurate printing. Short runs or long – the Dynamic registration is built to take the heat.

Warped Screen Adjustment

Another Dynamic “built in” benefit, the warped screen adjustment makes it easy to position each screen flat to your platen. The result? Improved print consistency and image quality. Your customers demand high quality screen printing; and with Dynamic you will deliver just that… and on time.

Off-Contact Control

Dynamic’s off-contact feature is user friendly, allowing you to easily position the screen above, and parallel to, the platen for perfect off-contact printing on jackets, decals, transfers, etc.

Simply rotate the off-contact foot in conjunction with your warped screen adjustment for perfect off-contact control. One more reason Dynamic screen printing machines are the right choice!

Get Started Now!

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