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Cap Printer & Attachments

 Cap Printer & AttachmentsVersatile by Design

From concept to R & D to completion. The Legend Cap Printer is a unique asset for your firms printing and production capability. This cap unit is available as a stand alone multicolor cap printer for caps, t shirts , jackets, etc OR as a versatile attachment for your current Tracer, Dynamic or Legend printers. Just like changing a platen and off you go.

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Stand Alone Cap Printer

Using the Legend’s patented linear micro in conjuction with Antec’s time tested arc-glide indexing registration, the Legend Cap Printer is designed and built to deliver high output accurate registration for all your cap printing needs. The Legend Cap Printer’s specific curved radius cap platen coupled with our unique frame holder offer the best and most consistant method of printing today’s variety of headwear.

Or Use The Legend Cap Printer ….. As An Attachment

Cap and Hat Screen PrinterIf you are currently enjoying the quality printing of you Legend or Tracer printers you may add this attachment and expand your print line. Cap Printer tensioning device and frame holder are available for all Legend and Dynamic printers. The cap tensioner mounts with Antec’s Quick Release platen bracket saving time and money. Easy on and off. Since headwear prints at differing spring loads your cap tensioner has a wide range of adjustment. It’s simple to use. Just turn the knob to increase or decrease the spring load. A great and profitable addition to your shop.

Move easily from Shirts to Caps

Using standard industry cap frames in various mesh counts, the Legend Cap Printer frame holder securely locks the screen in place. Once secured the cap screen will not move in the frame holder. Easy quick screen positioning with respect to the cap platen is accomplished using the Legend’s patented linear micro. Finished printing caps? Using the Quick Release – remove cap unit – select next platen – install. Simple. Fast. Versatile.

The Legend Cap Printer.