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Frequently Asked Questions

What is All Arms Down?

Also referred to as multi indexing or AAD – this feature allows more than one person printing on the machine at the same time. ONLY the Legend has the patented “dual index” AAD system – the only design where each print head is completely independent of the others producing flawless multi operator printing.

What is micro registration?

Micro registration is the ability to move the screen into registration AFTER the screen has been clamped in the screen arm. Many companies offer a micro system. The Legend micro allows complete linear screen movement for quick precise positioning of the screen after clamping providing in and out, side to side and angular motions as well as single point off contact adjustment.

Do I need off contact adjustment?

YES…. Off Contact Adjustment is the feature allowing you to position the screen frame off the platen and parallel to the platen for printing on non porous substrates such as nylon jackets, banners, decals, etc. Only the Antec Legend offers you the exclusive single point off contact!

How much money do I need to start a shop?

Complete entry level packages from Antec start for as little as $2500 including supplies and a comprehensive training video. Many additional shop packages are offered for every budget and experience level. Today the Leasing option is very popular. A complete start up package from Antec can be leased for a little as $______ per month!

What about supplies? Inks, screens, squeegees, t shirts….?

Today it’s a click or your mouse, smart phone or phone call away. Next day delivery is available from all our supply vendors. For as little as $250 you can get a start up supply package. Go to our links page and click on the magazines – you’ll find a world of suppliers at your door.

Do I need much floor space for a shop?

You can start in as little as 10 by 10 bedroom or larger basement area of your home. Keep in mind you need access to a minimum of 110 volts for exposure unit and flash, etc. Running water is needed. A slop type sink is helpful. Conveyor dryers normally require a 240 volt single phase outlet. We’ve got some generic shop diagrams to give you an idea of space needs.

How many colors will I need?

Again budget gets involved here but you can start with as few as 2 colors and a single print station. We recommend a minimum of 4 colors. Antec offers expandable printers allowing the machine to grow with your business. Call for details.

Conveyor dryer or Flash dryer?

Good question. Conveyor is the way to go if you’ve got the room and budget. Most conveyors will require 240 volts. Antec has many customers using our Stage flash dryer w/ forced hot air (Stage SII 1824). The Satge II works to cure both plastisol and water base inks. Production is less than the conveyor but so is the cost. Talk with our equipment specialists to discuss what is best for your budget.

What about artwork?

The industry offers several proven software programs if you want to do it yourself in house. Search for “Photoshop” and “Illustrator” on the net as starting points. In your area you will find freelance artists and illustrator that are familiar with the screen process if you want to job out this part completely. In many cases your customer will have screen ready art.