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Buying New vs Used Screen Printing Equipment

Buying New vs Used Screen Printing Equipment

Investing in new or used screen printing equipment

When the time comes for your company to invest in equipment for your shop, the question almost always arises “should we buy new or used equipment?” From Screen Printers to Dryers, the question comes up regardless of what you are investing in & should be given some serious thought.

Used equipment is typically less expensive INITIALLY, but that can change as you begin to use it. Asking questions about the equipment is extremely important. First, has the equipment been maintained? How old is it? Are parts & service still available? Is the company still in business? Has the machinery been maintained properly? And, why is it being sold to begin with?

There are many unknowns with used screen printing products, especially ones that have passed through multiple owners, or when you can’t talk to the owner directly. Issues could arise as easily as a part missing that the company doesn’t make anymore. Investing in faulty equipment could put your company in a downward spiral right from the start. Used equipment may start to fail and the resulting drop in quality reaches directly your customers!

New, however, is exactly what it states. New. New machinery almost always has warranties, stocked parts, sales & service departments, and customer service ready to help. You can remove the risk of equipment breaking down before you get your money’s worth. This takes the mystery out of your buying decision. In other words all the questions you have about used don’t come up when buying new.

New equipment is typically the newest version, with features, tougher parts, and technology that might not be found in the older versions, even if they are the “same machine”. While new equipment initially has a higher price point, the return on your investment is much greater and last years longer. Good screen printing equipment should be able to keep up with your business as you grow.

Take some time before you spend your hard earned money and you will save yourself years of heartache and wasted money and time!