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Why Dual Index Registration is Better

Why Dual Index Registration is Better

Registration is critical for a t-shirt printer. If you rely on the older single gate technology, you will find yourself jumping out of registration & struggling to keep your prints accurate on a more frequent basis. The reason for this is that a single point registration press relies on the central part of the press, but should anything degrade in that area, your outboard registration will lose stability.

With the ANTEC Legend dual index registration, that will not happen. Each color head on the Legend is independent from the central part of the machine, so should something happen, your outboard registration will not be affected. This translates into more accurate prints for long runs, less downtime and more profits!

The Legends dual point registration index also allows the printer to be used with all of the arms down!  This way, you can have multiple people printing at the same time, which in turn can increase your production. There are greater far greater advantages to having a manual t-shirt printer with a dual point registration index. The Antec Legend is the only manual on the market that has this patented system.

The video below shows the dual point index in action. Once you understand how important this is, you will be ready to add the Legend to your arsenal!