The Antec Legend

Proven most precise. Proven most profitable.


The screen printing press that will revolutionize the way you print.

Chosen by: Russell Athletic, Fruit of the Loom, Gemline, The Game, Paramount, Unifirst, RK Stratman, Fortune Fashions, Delta Apparel, Oarsman, Peace Frogs, and thousands more top shops worldwide that are in the know.

The Antec Legend Screen Printer


"After buying a 6 color Legend printer, we were amazed at the time we have saved setting jobs up. Designs that took us 30 to 45 minutes now take 15. The registration is superb. Once a design is registered it stays registered. We couldn’t be more pleased."

- Marilyn Everitt, Artistic Images

"Best decision I ever made. Bought first Antec 8/8, after six months another 8/8, easy to reg, we print in all heads down mode all the time, registration I do not even think about it, on this machine you will have only to print."

- , Studio Za Dizajn
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Of the many reasons cited by our customers for investing in the Legend, the following are primary:

Made in the USA.

Guaranteed for life.

Patented, non-linked, spring loaded micro screen adjust system - provides exceptionally rapid pre-production set up times

Patented, independently registering, “floating” printheads - provides true all arms down capabilities with flawless precision

Patented dual indexing system - prevents misregistration, even as the machine ages

Effortless rotational characteristics - provides the greatest efficiency possible in actual production

Dual off contact adjustment - provides precise parallel off contact for image clarity

Durability - many of our machines have been in continuous service for over 36 years, and some see 24 hour/day utilization.

Resale - highest resale value industry wide

When we developed the Legend series printer, we also incorporated a totally new,independent axis micro system with zero lash which greatly reduces set up time.

Focused, business smart companies around the globe understand and take full advantage of the Legend’s technical superiority and unequaled efficiency in the production environment to give them the necessary edge in a highly competitive industry.

Russell Athletic, Gemline, RK Stratman, Nike, Fruit Of The Loom, The Game, Fortune Fashions and Delta Apparel are just a few of our thousands of converts who have taken the time to do the essential research on this unique product offering and have consequently reaped the rewards.

One of our top customers recently ordered their 48th unit!

We have been told that they conservatively save $20 each time they set up one of our Legends for production.

As they operate 24 hours a day, five days per week, and will do 10 set ups daily on each unit, their savings in set up time alone is roughly $200/day/unit.

As you continue the math for 50 weeks, it becomes obvious what the attraction is to our product.

Precision .... Efficiency .... Durability - all purposefully engineered into every Legend machine we build.

Expect the very best and then watch us deliver. On this, you have our guarantee.

Take your time, do your research, ask around the industry about us. Although there are lower priced machines on the market, it’s the machine which will maximize your precision and profits that should win your approval, isn’t it?

“Love the Legend, it’s wonderful.   I put all the important stuff up on it."


“I've never worked on a machine as good as a Legend”


“Love the Legend. Should have done it sooner.”

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“ The Legend is awesome. Smooth and precise.”

Williamsburg Graphics

"I can’t speak for other owners, but it has seriously changed the way we print. It’s an amazing machine. You set it up, and print, that’s it. It’s light, it’s fast, and the registration never fails……ever……the only thing is it’s really ugly. Hands down the best press we have ever worked on. All-heads down is by far my favorite part of my Antec. Being able to knock out 6 color sim process jobs with two people instead of one cuts your time by more than half…..I’ve worked on tons of presses, and I will never own anything other than an Antec. Note from Antec: In engineering, form follows function. We believe it to be the most beautiful in the industry. This being said, our focus is not on esthetics but rather on maximizing precision and profitability for our customers."

- , Branding Iron Productions

"I thought I’d drop you a few lines on how thrilled we are with the two new Legend presses we purchased recently. Set-up time has been reduced due to the precision workmanship you’ve engineered into these machines. One registration is set, you need not worry about it until break-down. You know the number we put out here at the GemGroup. Impressions Magazine, June issue, recently had us ranked #10 in the country for units produced. By adding these two 6 color Legends, that brings us up to eleven ANTEC presses at the GemGroup Inc. I can assure you we’ll be adding more in the near future. Thanks for all your help and technical support."

- Bill Liacos, GemGroup Inc.

"Above you will find pictures of the first job we did on our new Antec. The first print is a 9 color using index separations. This was a tough design because of the wide range from the chrome on the wheels to the metallic look on the numbers. The second is a simulated process job on a black shirt. This was a 6 color job and once again the machine handled it with no problems. I’m able to register 10 screens in a little under 15 minutes with this machine. Not kidding, it’s that easy once you get the hang of it. I can’t tell you how pleased we are with our new machine. The ads and sales pitches don’t do it justice. The ease of registration far surpasses anything I could imagine. Our first job was a 10 color. We left it up on the machine for a week and printed shirts at our leisure. The registration was just as tight on the last as it was on the first. Thanks again and see you guys in Dallas."

- , Q Logo

"I would like to speak to all those printers out there who are looking to upgrade to a better machine. In 1989 I was doing the same. I had a 4/4 Hopkins printer at the time, but it didn’t have micro-registration or all arms down. I also wanted a 6 color printer. I went to an Impressions show to check out all my options. I received an awesome demonstration on the ease of set up on the Antec 6/6 Legend. No tools to micro-reg!!! The manufacturing and quality is still standing up today. The Legend carried me through some big jobs very well and it keeps the registration. I use retention-able screen for my critical work. I will tell you that I have worn out some knobs and I have had to tighten up some bolts, but what do you expect after 25 years. The guys at Antec know how to make a great American product."

- Ron Gravitt, Screen Graphic Impressions

"My name is Andy Gaerte and I am the screen printer for ABC Embroidery Inc. We own an ANTEC Legend, 6 color, 6 station manual screen print press. I have not been more satisfied with a piece of equipment than I am with this press. The registration and micro adjustments set this press apart from any other in the industry. I have worked with several other presses and can say without a doubt that this is the best I have used. If you are considering a new press rest assured that this press is worth the price."

- Andy Gaerte, ABC Embroidery Inc.

"Our production has increased incredibly. Here is an example that I will give you that we pulled. We had a customer that needed 161 natural colored T-shirts. It was a butt-to-butt registration front and 2 color back. Normally on our old press this would have been really hard to print (uh, should we say more hassle than it’s worth?), but we could have done it – probably taking us a complete 8 hour plus day – MINIMUM- to print (let’s not even mention registration….). Well, originally we had all day Wednesday to print the shirts – they just needed some at noon, the rest to be delivered the following morning. We started late Tuesday, burned the screens and got the machine set up to do the 4 color front (taking only about 20 minutes to register and get to the point where we could throw ink onto the screens and print). We printed maybe 60 shirts that evening just to get some out of the way. We came in the next morning and started printing at 9am. We had the shirt loader print the first color on the shirt he had just loaded. I printed 2,3 and 4 while we had our newest employee unloading. At 10:30 am we got the phone call. All the shirts needed to be done by 12:30 for their road trip they were going on. We no longer had the luxury of the WHOLE DAY. We finished printing the fronts and jumped immediately into printing the backs which we started at 11:00 am. 161 2 color backs. Finish time – 11:50 am. We had Mike loading, I printed the 2 colors, Dave, a senior at a local high school who job shadowed me for the day, unloaded while Jeff tagged and sorted. Production time of 3 shirts per minute! For the 4 color fronts we were pulling on an average of about 2 shirts+ per minute. The great fact is we met the customer’s deadline ahead of schedule – and the shirts looked incredible! In a nutshell, when we get around to needing another manual press I will not hesitate to order another Legend series press. The registration is incredible and it holds even through long runs. It is rock solid in every aspect and is great because of its true all heads down capability which we put to the test in the order described above. We appreciate the engineering that was put into this machine more every time we print a job. We went from mediocre printing to incredible full color reproductions and print rates once we fully understood what we could accomplish with the legend. Thank you for an incredible press. We wouldn’t be where we are today without the technology we are now using. Just don’t tell anyone else about your products….It might increase my competition!"

- Brian Walker, CD Tees

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